Introduction to School of Engineering Technology

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The School of Engineering Technology was established with the cooperation between Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (BNUZ) and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), Zhuhai. Currently it consists of four departments: Biotechnology, Industrial Design, Measurement & Control and Educational Technology.

The school has superior laboratories and high-quality devices, such as "Solidworks Computer Aided Design Laboratory", "Numerical Control Machining Laboratory", "Robotical Technology Laboratory", and "Biosafety Level-2 Laboratory". In addition, the school has jointly established several advanced laboratories with the AQSIQ of Zhuhai, such as the National Lab for Electrical Safety, the National Lab for Toy Detected and the Vector and Molecular Biology Laboratory. In 2014, the jointly established technology services platform was certificated as "Public Technology Services Platform of Median and Small-sized Enterprise, Guangdong". In 2015, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory was certified as the "Technology & Engineering Development Center of Colleges and Universities in Guangdong". All these facilities guarantee educating qualified technicians with design and measurement capabilities.

The teaching staff largely consists of experienced teachers with Professor An Baosheng, a doctoral supervisor of BNU, serves as the dean; Professor Yan Hengmei, a doctoral supervisor and State Council Special Allowance Winner, serves as the director of the Academic Committee of the school. Quite a number of other famous professors also teach here, such as Prof. Ge Jianping, the leader of Life Sciences and Vice-president of BNU, Prof. Wang Yingdian, dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, Prof. He Kekang, the leader of National Education Technology, and Prof. Huang Ronghuai, dean of the Faculty of Education Technology at BNU. Some guest teachers are experts from the QSIQ of Zhuhai and renowned scholars from China and other countries.

The school has signed cooperation agreements of short-term exchange programs of undergraduates with Lorenz university of science and technology in the USA, Dublin Institute of Technology in Republic of Ireland and many other universities from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. At present, it is exploring continuous studying programs for undergraduates and graduates.

Dean, Professor An Baosheng

Secretary, Professor Yan Hengmei


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