Courses of Education Technology

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Education Technology Courses

Foundations of Education Technology: This course aims to help students understand the general law of the human education system. From historical, theoretical and practical perspectives, the course explores (1) the fundamentals of education, (2) the relationship between education and social, political, economic and cultural developments, and (3) the relationship between education and human physical and mental developments (4) education purposes (teleology), and (5) the relationship between teachers and learners. It also discusses issues about education systems/structure, curriculum and instruction, moral education, educational management, etc. Pre-requisite: None.

Research Methods in Educational Technology: Theories of Curriculum and Instruction provide students with basic principles of modern curriculum and instruction. It aims to improve their professionalism and teaching efficiency in all their working processes, put basic principles into creative practices, set clear objectives, select and organize contents, implement and evaluate curriculums under the guidance of ideal educational values and goals. It also helps to effect leadership in the teaching process, create an exciting learning situation and deeply involve the students in teacher-student interactions with the support of new instruction models, strategies and methods.

The Theory and Practice of Instructional System Design: This course deals with the basic principles and practice of design and development of multimedia courseware based on the latest development in Information Technology. Specifically, participants will identify, analyze instructional problems, design and develop learning environments and courseware aids. Participants are also encouraged to design, develop, implement and evaluate their courseware..

Design Courses:

Descriptive Geometry:This course aims at preparing undergraduate engineering students to be able to understand and create technical drawings as a basic technique in engineering and scientific communication. The course seeks to develop the student effective utilization of computer-aided drafting software package for producing engineering drawings according to the international conventions and drawing standards.

Engineering Drawing:Introduction to auxiliary views, mechanical working drawing, gears, cams, intersection and developments, building services drawings.

Engineering Mechanics:In this course, fundamentals and principles of kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies will be studied. This course introduces energy and momentum conservation methods and their engineering applications. Some basic knowledge of mechanical vibration will also be introduced.

Fundamentals of Mechanical Design:Mechanisms Analysis and Synthesis, Displacement Analysis, Velocity, Acceleration, Static and Inertia Forces, Geometry of Mechanisms, Graphical Synthesis, Analytic Synthesis, CAMS.

CAD:Introduction to the fundamentals of geometric modeling and computer graphics theory for product design. It introduces how geometric information about mechanical products is represented, manipulated and displayed in computers. Topics to be covered include design specification, geometric transformations, graphical visualization, representation and manipulation of curves and surfaces, solid modeling, applying CAD model in design, and standards of product design. The lab practices enable students to master prevailing CAD packages and intelligently solve engineering design problems.

Intelligence Technology Courses:

C Programming:This course provides in-depth coverage of object-oriented programming principles and techniques using C. Topics include classes and objects, vectors, overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, templates, etc. The second part of this course introduces Java as another popular object-oriented language. Selective topics in Java such as GUI, multithreading, networking, etc. will be covered briefly.

Principle and Interface Technique of Micro-computer:Computer organization, memory systems, input and output systems, buses, interfacing, communication mechanisms,interrupt mechanisms, computer networks, distributed systems, communication in distributed systems, D-A conversion,A-D conversion, computer process controls, building automation systems & controls.

Electrical and Electric Engineering:This course is designed to introduce Analog Integrated Circuit (IC) design fundamentals with emphasis on the current deep submicron and nanometer CMOS technologies. The course content includes single and multiple- transistor amplifiers, current mirrors, current/voltage reference, CMOS operational amplifier and its stability analysis, noise analysis, switched- capacitor and high-frequency circuits. The layout of the individual circuit blocks will be also introduced in parallel with the main course outline, such that the students can have a good understanding of the physical implementation of analog ICs. Students will gain the basic understanding of analog IC design as well as familiar with the necessary IC design and simulation tools (e.g., CADENCE).

Administration Courses:

Inspecting and Testing Quality of Products:This course will be introduced to Basic Inspecting Principles, Production Control, Project Management, Quality Management and Control, Facility Planning, and Job Design. The course project is requested to focus on innovative and engineering management angle for the product design and Total Quality Management concept.

Training Course for Inner Examination Qualification Certificate of the ISO900 System of Quality Certification:This course helps the student to obtain Inner Examination Qualification Certificate of the ISO900 System of Quality Certification. The study may be in the field of introduction, theories, methods, or architecture. The student conducts a thorough study under the supervision of an academic staff from Zhu Hai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The students with this certificate has qualified for quality inspector in company.