Industrial Design

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This programme mainly aims to cultivate products sculpture design abilities and functional design abilities of students, these students will be the comprehensive persons who have solid basic design knowledge and proficient design expression skills, and good international communication and society adaptable abilities.


  1. Sculpture design module: design sketch, products sketch, design and colour, products sculpture design, etc.

  2. Construction design module: descriptive geometry, Graphing of Engineering, Engineering mechanics, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, computer-aided design, etc.

  3. Smart technology module: Electrotechnics, C language programming design, Microcomputer Principles & Interfacing Technique, etc.

  4. Management module: Products quality inspection, and ISO internal auditors qualification certificate training, etc.

Career Directions

After graduation, students can not only choose to develop their career in enterprise with doing products design, visual communication and products construction & inspection, but also can do education and research works in academic or research institutions.