Educational Technology

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The Educational Technology programme was found in 2007. The curriculum emphasizes robotics technology served for education (RTE) in junior and senior middle school, while educating the students to take advantage of modern electrical, electronic and information technologies in mechatronics engineering.Courses

  1. Education Technology Courses:Foundations of Education Technology, Research Methods in Educational Technology, The Theory and Practice of Instructional System Design etc.

  2. Design Courses:Descriptive Geometry, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, CAD etc.

  3. Intelligence Technology Courses:C programming, Principle and Interface Technique of Micro-computer, Electrical and Electric Engineering etc.

  4. Administration Courses:Inspecting and Testing Quality of Products, Training Course for Inner Examination Qualification Certificate of the ISO900 System of Quality Certification.

Career Directions

Most of our graduates have had brilliant professional careers in junior school, senior school, mechatronics engineering consultancy firm, government departments, education institute etc. Many graduates have pursued their postgraduate studies at well-known universities around world.