Measurement & Control

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This programme mainly aims to educate the students which desire to access Optical, mechanical, electrical and other related multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills, and to develop the research and development capabilities of students in Precision instrument design, construction, inspection and applied study, which also include management and operation abilities.


  1. Construction design module: descriptive geometry, Graphing of Engineering, Engineering mechanics, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, computer-aided design etc.

  2. Functional design module: Fundamentals of automatic control, Electromechanical integrated design, Fundamentals of robot technology etc.

  3. Smart technology module: C language programming design, Microcomputer Principles & Interfacing Technique, Analog and digital Electronic Technology, Embedded System Design and etc.

  4. Measurement & control technology module: Technology of electronics, Sensors and inspection technology, Engineering optics, Digital signal processing, Error theory and data processing, Design and construction of measurement & control instruments.

  5. Management module: products quality inspection, and ISO internal auditors qualification certificate training.

Career Directions

After graduation, our students can choose to develop their career with doing computer technology, Inspection and control technology, electrooptical technology, development and study of precision instruments, products quality inspection and technical supervision in related academic and research institutions or commercial enterprises.