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The Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary program brings together the life sciences, medicine/food, engineering and standard management. Individual student research programs in Biotechnology can emphasize chemical approaches, metabolism engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry, Bio-informatics, food safety or ISO standard on project management. Graduate students find employment in academia, industry involved in many areas of biotechnology and other life-science research enterprises. Outstanding students are recruited directly by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

The Biotechnology major is designed to provide those students who are interested in the areas of:

  1. Entry-Exit inspection and quarantine.

  2. To continue their education in life science.

Biotechnology program

The undergraduate bioengineering program provides rigorous, multidisciplinary training that integrates the engineering sciences, life sciences and management science. You’ll take 160 credits including:

  1. 35 credits in Common and required courses(Chinese Philosophy, the science of law, etc.…)

  2. 8 credits in chemistry

  3. 10 credits in general biology

  4. 19 credits in bio-engineering

  5. 20 credits in specialized courses (Biotechnology in Food Safety Inspection and Quarantine, Introduction to food Processing and Management, etc….)

  6. 32 credits in professional practice course

  7. others in an array of course work (Math , Physics, English, Computer aided 3-d Design, Environmental and Safety Management System Topics, etc…. )