Measurement & Control

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Introduction to Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments

"Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments" is a comprehensive subject which is based on mechanics, electronics, and computer technology. And it shows greater and greater power in the development of national economy, national defense and everyday life.

The major of Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments was found in 2010. And it belongs to the department of Product Design. The students will have four years course before they gaining bachelor degree.

Now the main direction of research contains: industrial automate detective devices, data process and software research, intelligent instrument, robotics, automation technology and its application.

The knowledge of this major bases on four aspects: mechanics, electronic technology, signal process and computer science. The main courses are: mechanics, electrical engineering, electronic technology fundamental, automate control theory, microcomputer and its application and several course designs. The main goal of the department is training advanced engineers who have good abilities of developing and researching technology about information process, industrial detective, process control, microcomputer measurement and control in the area of information detective and automate control. The graduates have good abilities on information process, microcomputer application and English. Also they have high qualities of social science and humanities.

The graduates are qualified to deal with designing, researching and developing electronic technology, computer hardware/software, intelligent instruments, and automation and communication technology.