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Introduction to Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the development of modern biology and its relevant interdisciplinary products integration. Its core technology is Genetic Engineering which focused on DNA reconstruction technology, and it also includes several areas such as Microbial Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Cell Engineering and Biological Products

Speciality sub-Division (Food biotechnology)

The Food Inspection and Quarantine speciality aims for students to:

●Get the knowledge of Life Science, Food Quality Inspection, Food Nutrition and Safety, and Industrial Production.

●Be familiar with the rules or criteria of Food Management, Sanitation, Security, and Environmental Protection.

●Master the theory of Modern Food Sanitation and Experimental Skills.

●Be able to establish criteria on Food Safety Techniques and Food Safety System.

Graduates are expected to perform well in the field of Food & Health, Sanitation & Epidemic Prevention, Environmental Protection, Quality Supervision, and Import & Export Trading.